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(+126608) Now we're asking the real questions

>>121220 >>121219 Hi Emdi👋 No one wants to buy your fat pig wife’s shitty nudes. We all know her tits aren’t as big as you say they are and PayPal is a shady way to get more money from OF. I’ve got screenshots of you requesting the OnlyFans sidestep cheat and I’m reporting you for scamming them.

2022.01.19 11:08 edditbot (+126608) Now we're asking the real questions

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2022.01.19 11:08 OwenTheHugger Disney Worlds Contemporary Resort Convention Center Hall should be a Backrooms level.

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2022.01.19 11:08 phuthanh2019 In bao bì may mặc giá rẻ, chất lượng tại TPHCM

Đây là một loại bao bì được sử dụng khá phổ biến trong ngành may mặc. Được sử dụng để đóng gói, bảo quản và đặc biệt là quảng bá thương hiệu cho sản phẩm. Hiện nay khi mua quần áo chúng ta có thể bắt gặp loại túi ni lông này. Bao bì may mặc có một vai trò khá quan trọng đến chất lượng cũng như giá trị của sản phẩm.
Nhằm đáp ứng tối đa nhu cầu bảo quản sản phẩm trong ngành dệt may, bao bì sử dụng cũng có nhiều loại khác nhau. Mặc dù mỗi loại đều có những ứng dụng riêng nhưng nó vẫn có một số đặc điểm chung
xem thêm: https://phuthanhprint.com/in-bao-bi-may-mac.html
#in_bao_bì_may_mặc, #in_bao_bì_đựng_quần_áo, #xưởng_in_bao_bì_đựng_quần_áo, #phuthanhprint.com
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2022.01.19 11:08 Total-Profession-491 What Chapter 143 will happen.

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2022.01.19 11:08 custom_wp Telegram channel / group SEX EDUCATION . 👥 3041 | 🧩 #Relationship | 🗣 #English . 🔗 https://ift.tt/3fFjZkU

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2022.01.19 11:08 ganglords does anyone know how to fix this?

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2022.01.19 11:08 AmaanMemon6786 Test

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2022.01.19 11:08 Jackviator Every now and then, remember to stop and appreciate all the little things in life. Flowers, the sky on a clear day, calcium…

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2022.01.19 11:08 NotoriousNico Dark Minimalism

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2022.01.19 11:08 bucket--bot and get folded by britain if i like anyone gonna

Black Album (1991): My hips, I have submitted.” 133. And you have sweet dreams
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2022.01.19 11:08 ArtichokeFrequent351 Ano opravdu jsem ho vyděl

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2022.01.19 11:08 Anxiety-Capable With the NN going into taurus is there anything in my chart to indicate what I can expect? Or how it will affect my life!?

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2022.01.19 11:08 VegasSnow92 Smallest nft so far! 🤣

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2022.01.19 11:08 sam-sng2 Reddit en ce moment

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2022.01.19 11:08 quacke56 Two front row Balcony (EBox 1) seats for Hammerstein available!

Sadly unable to go, looking to sell to a fan!
Row A, East Box 1
Looking for face value plus taxes/fees paid. (350 total, 175/ticket) selling as a set.
PM if interested!
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2022.01.19 11:08 Fox_1n_The_Box Daily Ganyu #360

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2022.01.19 11:08 QueenIsTheWorstBand Ikem Ekwonu 1st overall NFL draft pick +10000

The Athletic just released an NFL Mock Draft and they had NC State OT Ikem Ekwonu as the number 1 pick. I noticed that DraftKings has him as 100-1 odds of being the first pick and I think that's really good value. Does anyone else think the same? I know everyone is looking for the next Robbie Ray, and while I don't know if this will end up being the guy, it's worth a shot. A good combine could do wonders for him.
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2022.01.19 11:08 Allen2102 My nerves are dead because of it, wtf does it want?

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2022.01.19 11:08 nobodysaiditwaseasy1 What can make you horny in a split second?

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2022.01.19 11:08 AlexCND First look at the new Squishmallow collector tins! (Can't wait for the micro Malcolm!) What're your thoughts?

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2022.01.19 11:08 _big_coach_ Need help finding a websites that are good for performance parts

I have a 2006 Toyota Camry that pushes 250hp naturally aspirated but it was worked on by the last owner and I have no clue what has been done to it but I’m trying to find good websites to upgrade my car performance
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2022.01.19 11:08 MementoMol7i 1/19 Patch Notes

1/19 Patch Notes 🦇Update Announcement🦇
Dear Onmyoji,
Important Updates
  1. Snow Blessings Event ※ Event duration: After the maintenance on January 19 - 23:59 EST on February 1 ※ Level requirement: Lv. 15 ※ Collect Snowballs from various zones and claim rewards including Illustration Vouchers, Mystery Amulets, Skin Tokens, event-exclusive animated frame Wreath Keepsake, and Nokanshi's Winter Waltz skin. ※ Event includes three major zones: Blessing Journey, Ice Hunt, and Snow Prep, and two entertaining zones: Gifts of Goodwill and Festive Painting. Play the event, collect Snowballs, and enjoy the warm winter festivals in Heian-Kyo!
  2. SSR Yato no Kami arrives in Royal Battle After maintenance on Jan 19, New SSR shikigami Yato no Kami will arrive in Royal Battle!
  3. New Skin - Shadowless Sun
※ Takiyashahime's new skin - Shadowless Sun will be available in the Skin shop after the maintenance on January 19, with a 20% off discount in the first week! Don't miss it!
  1. Decoration system updated! ※ Nameplates, touch-responsive effects, menu themes can now be changed, you can check them in Collection > Decor > Nameplate/Themes/TR Effect. ※ The Glorious Company, Forever Company, and Thoughtful Memories nameplates obtained via login have now been added. ※ Please stay tuned for recent events for more decorations.
  2. Realm Raid: Froglet Invasion Event ※ Event duration: 0:00 EST on January 19 - 23:59 EST on January 23 ※ During the event, after you refresh the Realm Raid, froglets will appear to take the place of a few random realms. In these particular realms, the shikigami and the onmyoji will be replaced by froglets. You can challenge up to 3 froglet realms daily. ※ During the event, each day after you finish raiding froglet realms for 3 times and refreshing the page, Oboroguruma will appear to take the place of a realm, where the shikigami will be replaced by froglets and the onmyoji will be replaced by Oboroguruma. In the Oboroguruma realm, your own froglets will receive stats bonus. You can challenge up to 1 Oboroguruma realm daily. ※ Challenging froglet realms grants Medals and Froglet Medals as rewards, with a chance to grant Oboroguruma Realm Cards. If you deploy all froglets in battle, you will receive extra rewards on victory. The Medal drop from this event is not affected by Medal Drop Bonus. ※ During the event, items that are exchangeable with Froglet Medals will be available in Shop > General > Medal. These items include: upgradable animated Froglet Invasion frame and grade 5 Oboroguruma Realm Card among others. The event items will be removed from Shop after the event. The Froglet Medals you earn in the event will be kept for you to exchange for the items available in future Realm Raid: Froglet Invasion events. ※ The first time you claim the highest level progress chest from Realm Raid each day, you will receive an extra random froglet shard. ※ The froglet realm, Oboroguruma realm respawning attempt and froglet shard claiming attempt can not be accumulated and will refresh at 0:00 EST each day. ※ For more details, please head to the Realm Raid page.
  1. Shop Pack Improvements: - The Pack shop has now be devided to Hot and Pack subpages. The Jade subpage has now been moved to the S-Jade shop. - Added a filter for the Pack shop. Now, players filter the packs based on the contents.
  2. Improvements of Soul Calculator: - Now players can add Crit DMG in Stat Range in their calculations for a more precise Soul Set rating. - The Added Stats tab now includes Added ATK Bonus (%), Added ATK, and Added Crit. Players can select Added Stats in their calculations for a more precise Soul Set rating. Update the game to the latest version to experience this updated feature.
  3. Improved Recollection Pack display order in the General shop.
  4. Improved the voice performance of SSR shikigami Mishige.
  5. Improved the charm style of 999 days of login on the achievement completion page.
  6. Improved the animation of SP shikigami Virtuoso Hana when she uses Blossom Rain skill.
  7. Now illustrations can be purchased by Illustration Vouchers or Jade.
  8. Improved the display of the amount of Boutique Talismans in the Fortune Shop.
  9. Now items can be purchased in bulk by entering the amount.
  10. Improved the position of the word Rare which was displayed on the Hopping Rage zone.
  11. Improvements of the Wish function in Guild: - Wishes that the player can fulfill via donation or exchange are displayed at the top. - For wishes with insufficient shards, the Exchange button is no longer displayed.
  12. Improvements of Chat System: - Quick Reply feature: Players can select Quick Reply messages from the tab on the Emoji page. - Sharing feature: Players can share their shikigami and their Preset Lineups via World and Guild channels as well as private chat with their friends by using the Share tab on the Emoji page. - Copying feature: Players can tap on their sent message to copy the text of the message. - Private chat improvement: Switching between scenes no longer closes the private chat scene.
  13. Improvements of Guild management: ※ Lowered the Daily Cost of Guild management at each level: - Lv. 2 Guilds from 200 to 140. - Lv. 3 Guilds from 500 to 350. - Lv. 4 Guilds from 900 to 630. - Lv. 5 Guilds from 1,340 to 1,070. - Lv. 6 Guilds from 1,800 to 1,440. - Lv. 7 Guilds from 2,375 to 2,130. - Lv. 8 Guilds from 3,050 to 2,740.
※ Added a feature to allow Guild activities to begin automatically. Guild Leaders and Officers can configure them in Guild > Manage > Activity Settings. When enabled, configured activities will begin automatically at configured times, sending invites to online Guild Members. Activities that can begin automatically include: Hunt, Realm Raid, Boss Defense, and Guild Feast.
※ Added a feature to purchase Guild Gifts automatically. Guild Leaders and Officers can configure them in Guild > Shrine > Guild Gifts > Settings. When configured, Bonuses will be purchased once they're expired and other items will be purchased when purchase limits are reset.
※ Lowered the number of Krakens required to defeat for preparing Sashimi, Octopus, and Cuisine for Guild Feast: - Premium quality: from 10 to 5. - Special quality: from 20 to 10. - Very Good quality: from 30 to 15.
※ Changes to Guild Quests regarding submitting Evo Materials (effective from the 0:00 EST on January 20): - The Lightning Drum I/Azure Carp I/Wind Talisman I/Fire Wheel I submission quest has now been consolidated to Submit Evo Material I quest. - The Lightning Drum II/Azure Carp II/Wind Talisman II/Fire Wheel II submission quest has now been consolidated to Submit Evo Material II quest. - The Lightning Drum III/Azure Carp III/Wind Talisman III/Fire Wheel III submission quest has now been consolidated to Submit Evo Material III quest.
- Deleted the Soul submission quest.
  1. Onmyoji Skills quick changing feature for Duel lineup: - Players can configure the skills of their onmyoji for their Duel reserve lineup by tap and hold the onmyoji's avatar. - After the configuration is done, tap the Change All button to equip all the onmyoji in Duel's reserve lineup with the onmyoji skills you configured.
  2. Improvements of Realm Cards - Added a Realm Cards amount notification. When you have over 6,000 Realm Cards, you'll see a prompt. reminding you to use them. - Prompts won't end your enabled auto-challenge.
  3. Added a Realm Cards amount display. Now, players can see the amount of Realm Cards they have on the Realm Cards page.
  4. Improved the shikigami-entrusting experience. Now, players can see the type and grade of the Realm Cards their friends have placed directly from the list without needing to tap on their friends.
  5. Added SSSR Shikigami Evolution Voucher for the Story Chapter 2/4/5 achievements, respectively.
  6. Event Calendar improvements: ※ Changed the activity portals in Jizo Statue > Daily: previously, all activities in a week were displayed here; now, portals of activities for the current day in a week are displayed here. Players can select each day to view the day's activities. ※ Changed the Calendar button on the top left corner of the Jizo Statue page to Agenda. Changed the Event Calendar page that is brought up by tapping Calendar to Event Agenda page. ※ Changed the Daily page in Event Agenda to Weekly. The Weekly page shows the time of all major activities in a week. Players can head there to find out more details.
  7. Added the Hunt to Daily Quests and Dojo Raid to Weekly Quests in Talisman Pass.
  8. Improvements of Pack Purchasing: - Boss Soul Box exchange attempts can be purchased by Demon Soul pack. Each purchased Demon Soul pack grants one Boss Soul Box exchange attempt which will be valid for a week.
  9. Players can now switch players for the AR Co-op Wanted Quests. After inviting a friend for an AR Co-op quest, if the quest is not completed in 2 hours, the invite can be retracted.
  10. Improved the prompt when using Cyan Imp for feeding Souls. Now, players can check the "Don't prompt today." option to stop the prompt from popping up again.
  11. Added the "Don't prompt today" option to stop it from popping up again when releasing grade 6 Souls.
  12. Improved the animation speed for the onmyoji Seimei when he's equipped with certain skins while entering battles.
  13. Improved the camera display when tapping the onmyoji in the Courtyard.
  14. Improved the Blissful Shore chapter story battle.
  15. Improved Amezaiku's touch-responsive sound effects, increasing the volume of his voice-overs.
  16. Improvements of R shikigami Shouzu's special Water Town skin: - Improved the details and the structures of the model as well as her facial expressions. - Added two touch-responsive actions for her in the Shikigami menu. - Improved the special effects for the Water Circuit skill in battles, adding a close-up on the skill. - Improved the Water Town skin in the Shikigami menu and the Courtyard where fish from the skin was sometimes in the air.
  17. Improvements of SP shikigami Void Menreiki: - Improved the details of the model and the whole structures. - Improved the details on her clothes and face.
  18. Improved how the Soul Selection (1 of 3) page is closed. Now, tapping the blank area after viewing the effect description of a Soul won't cause the page to close.
  19. Improved how multiple Cyan Imps are selected by tapping and holding one when feeding a Soul. Now, if the player has less than 20 Cyan Imps, tapping and holding one will select all Imps rather than missing out the last one.
  20. Improved the display position of the shikigami upgrading result page and the Soul feeding result page.
  21. Added the Report feature to some customizable content areas: - Signatures and messages on My Page. - Photo Wall, Mentorship, and Msg Board. - Pre-set Lineup names, shikigami names, and pet names. - Guild Notices, Guild Names, and Guild Nameplates.
  22. Improved the Shikigami menu button display position on the Realm Raid page.
  23. Improved the Realm Card notification. Now, players can check the "Don't remind me again today" option.
  24. Improved the notification for the Audio resource expansion pack. Now it will only pop up once a day. Download packs are also available from the Settings page.
  25. Improved the display effect of page where players obtain SP skins.
  26. Added the shikigami skin quick changing feature. Now, when players obtain a shikigami skin, they can change the skin on the same page.
Fixed Issue
  1. Fixed the issue where using the Favorite feature for frames was causing the Frame page to display incorrectly in some scenarios.
  2. Fixed an issue on SR shikigami Umibozu's Blessed Water skill where its healing effect was incorrectly triggered by the skills or normal attacks not launched by himself in some scenarios.
  3. Fixed the special effect display error on SSR shikigami Tamamonomae's Purging Foxfire skin when he's equipped with the Blasting Tails skill-casting animation.
  4. Fixed an issue on the Tomb Guard Soul where its icon was incorrectly displayed at the start of battle.
  5. Fixed an issue on Boss Scroll where the unlocked Bosses were displayed as locked.
  6. Fixed an issue when creating a new Soul Profile containing a Soul that was already used in another profile, the name of the other profile wasn't properly displayed.
  7. Fixed an issue in Soul zones where when switching an onmyoji was causing the co-op pets to overlap.
  8. Fixed an issue in the SP shikigami Demoniac Shuten Doji's special Deity's Bane skin where his right arm had a red flash problem when he's in the Melodic Pavilion Courtyard.
  9. Fixed the the clipping issue on the SSR SSR shikigami Tamamonomae's special Lotus Dream skin when he's in some of Courtyard's skins and the Shikigami menu.
  10. Fixed the R shikigami Koroka's model display for some devices.
  11. Fixed an issue on the Display page that was preventing the background to be change when the R shikigami Akaname was displayed.
  12. Fixed the effect error of the SP shikigami Frosty Yuki Onna's Frostbound in some scenarios.
  13. Fixed an issue on the SP shikigami Lovebound Kiyohime's Serpent where it was in error in some scenarios.
  14. Fixed an issue in the SSR shikigami Kaguya's Dragon Jewel where it failed to provide orbs in some scenarios where the player has insufficient orbs.
  15. Fixed a trigger issue on the SR shikigami Hiyoribou's Sunshine and Rain in some scenarios.
  16. Fixed a failed trigger issue on the SSR shikigami Shokurei's Heat Wave in some scenarios.
  17. The Spirit Clue of AR Quests in Wanted Quests will be replaced to other types of AR Quests now.
  18. Fixed an issue in Guild activity settings where it was not possible to cancel Guild Feast Food auto preparation in some scenarios.
  19. Fixed an issue when trying to share the Showcase of Group Picture, the avatar in the screenshot wasn't fully displayed.
  20. Fixed an issue in shikigami challenge where it was not possible to lock the lineup in some scenarios.
  21. Fixed the adaptability issues of some iPad devices.
  22. Fixed an issue in Realm Raids where the Totem players see in the preview is inconsistent with the actual Totem deployed.
  23. Fixed the incorrect sound effects when entering some scenes.
  24. Fixed an issue with the Soul Wisp where it was incorrectly triggered in some scenarios.
  25. Fixed the failed "+" button next to Support Ticket in the General shop.
  26. Added a sound effect to the display action of the SR shikigami Vampira in the Shikigami menu.

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2022.01.19 11:08 road_hound Apps like 'searchapp.exe','msedgewebview2.exe' keep running on Nvidia GPU

Apps like 'searchapp.exe','msedgewebview2.exe' keep running on Nvidia GPU. Is there any solution or workaround to this? Even the Realtek audio app runs on the GPU even after switching back to intel UHD graphics.
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2022.01.19 11:08 lammsss Picture vs video

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