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Spotted a Nepal flag out in the wild today!

2022.01.21 19:47 imaJetsfan Spotted a Nepal flag out in the wild today!

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2022.01.21 19:47 Feisty-Major 7.3.6

Hello, I'm Stuck at the last 1% of kang, are there any Tips for a guaranteed kill with one revive?
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2022.01.21 19:47 Runsyn Petition for Campus to Enact Stronger Health Practices in the Face of Covid-19 Surge

Wanted to make a full post dedicated to a link shared by the user u/Miserable-Ad-2631, a staff member at UTK who, along with other concerned members of the faculty who are part of the United Campus Workers union, organized a petition for better safety practices against Covid on campus. Many people on campus, including myself, are immunocompromised or have family who are immunocompromised and the *shrug* of administration towards those who want to be safe is not only inconsiderate, but is also insulting and irresponsible. Here's the link:
Share across your socials and GroupMe's to spread the word.
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2022.01.21 19:47 Godrixs .

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2022.01.21 19:47 infected_butter Hello all. I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking to make some small vinyl masks for wargaming miniatures and was wondering if a cricut would be suitable. The picture in this post if an example of the type of thing I am hoping to make. Each of numbers are around 3-5mm tall. Thank you.

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2022.01.21 19:47 Dungeonmasters2 I made the peacemaker uniform

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2022.01.21 19:47 jobsinanywhere Best NBA Player Props and Free Picks for Tonight, 1/21

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2022.01.21 19:47 jobsinanywhere Kevonna Rose Shares “In Between Kisses” Video

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2022.01.21 19:47 Bumpadump2002 Oh! So THIS is the thanks I get for working overtime?

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2022.01.21 19:46 SpaceXBlaze When is the anticipated restock date for the N64 switch wireless controller?

Anyone know?
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2022.01.21 19:46 Gooseandagander This short got 8k views somehow lol

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2022.01.21 19:46 jswank1 Anyone interested in mixing real estate and DeFi ideas together?

Are you or do you know of anyone interested in real estate, Defi and blockchain?
If so, we're hosting a virtual event next month to bring commercial real estate professionals together with hackers & developers to tackle commercial real estate ideas related to blockchain.
Who should participate? Whether you are a commercial real estate industry professional or new to the business, or just interested in the projects that will come from the event, there’s a place in HackCRE for you.
Here's more information including the Awards we're handing out: https://real-world-assets-dao.medium.com/hackcre-real-world-assets-first-online-defi-hackathon-29e1318ee471
Our website is here: https://www.realworldassetsdao.io/
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2022.01.21 19:46 Willing-Clock-8884 How Amanda Cerny Made Millions From Scamming OnlyFans

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2022.01.21 19:46 cambeiu Two years since Covid was first confirmed in U.S., the pandemic is worse than anyone imagined

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2022.01.21 19:46 -E-Cross Do I get flair now that I've had an eye doctor spend 30 minutes digging specks out of my eye? I had safety glasses and face shield too...

Not the first dross, slag, or metal I've had, just the first that didn't flush right out or get qtipped\magnet grabbed by a shopmate. Feels like my eye was gangbanged by chainsaws.
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2022.01.21 19:46 LaryBarkins Google Gives Sites More Indexing Control With New Robots Tag

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2022.01.21 19:46 EduardJal I’m high as fuck

Yoooooo what fucking life is incredible this life fuckkkkkk broooooow love to all the people
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2022.01.21 19:46 Chrome_Shinobi I'm new and I need help

Ok so I need help getting around the map so I can catch up with my friends and it's taking forever so tips,tricks,or anyone who can carry me would be nice help
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2022.01.21 19:46 Gnec25 Ps4 regs comp style league. Week 14 year 1 need 3 users Bills(current 1 pick in draft), Falcons (have playoff hopes), and panthers

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2022.01.21 19:46 LongRamen s*s 🤢📮

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2022.01.21 19:46 BlueEyes0608 Opinion on Tokyo Marui M14

A friend of mine is considering buying this (TM M14 SOCOM) to build a DMR, but is concerned about the low FPS typical on Marui platforms, the plastic body, and how old the model is, considering its price. Would you guys say it's a worth it platform, or do you consider it outdated?
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2022.01.21 19:46 signus_melko I lied, one last post. I think we got it folks

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2022.01.21 19:46 RayVenZen2 [FOR HIRE] [OC] Landscape & Character Artist!- Open for Commissions!

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2022.01.21 19:46 fdkorpima Large order could double Q3 bookings of $2.9M for Clear Blue Technologies International ($CBLU.V $CBUTF)

Recently heard about Clear Blue Technologies International ($CBLU.V $CBUTF) and wanted to share my DD for any other newcomers to the stock!
Clear Blue is the Smart Off-Grid company focusing on meeting the global need for reliable, low-cost, off-grid power for lighting, telecom, security, and other critical systems.
$CBLU's Smart Off-Grid system includes our solar or solar-hybrid controller, a built-in communications network, and Illumience, their cloud application. With thousands of systems internationally across 37 countries including the US and Canada, $CBLU has major partnerships with companies such as Parallel Wireless, NURAN and Facebook Research.
Investment highlights:

$CBLU is clearly profitable as a business with strong, high-margin and recurring revenue. Plus, they're situated in a large and growing market as a leader for wireless power. (Global market for telecom tower power systems was US$4.47 billion in 2021 & is expected to grow at a 3.25% CAGR to US$5.25 billion in 2026)
Trading at $0.27 with a $18.08M MC, $CBLU is giving solid indications for a strong start to 2022 IMO.
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2022.01.21 19:46 apoorvagarrwal I Took Whey Protein For 1000 Days And This Is What Happened *crazy*

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