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Munching on a greenie

2022.01.21 19:57 BureaucraticCoyote Munching on a greenie

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2022.01.21 19:57 nightmarb4pat Quick Start Guide?

I have been trying to download and access the Quick Start guide for awhile now, but I never get an email with the PDF, or see a link to download it.
Can anyone help me access the 2.1 Quickstart guide? Thank you!
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2022.01.21 19:57 SableFilms Meat Loaf Helped David Fincher Edit 'Fight Club' As Well As Acting in It

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2022.01.21 19:57 legend509 Answers please

I'm really confused , so I was doing a lich mission ya know getting the murmurs and she spawned in but I decided to ignore fighting my lich (I was doing an excavation run) and about 17min in my previous lich appeared as an ally (i spared my previous lich) now I'm really confused is this meant to happen?
I need answers
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2022.01.21 19:57 lolguyscal77 FANART

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2022.01.21 19:57 musha21 Sense we have outlanders now why not !

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2022.01.21 19:57 BeardedBaxterholic Teachers of Young Children, what secrets have your students innocently revealed about their parents?

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2022.01.21 19:57 Northwind858 RemindMeBot gone?

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask (it seems more appropriate to here than to bugs), but does anyone know what happened to u/RemindMeBot ? As of 17:50 EST (22:50 UTC) on Friday 23 January 2022, there is apparently no ‘user’ with that username on the site. I’ve just tried to send two separate messages to the bot, for two separate posts on AskHistorians (where the username is autofilled into the message, so I know I’m not simply typoing it), and both have returned an error stating that no user with that username exists.
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2022.01.21 19:57 Tinywolf2005UwU WARNING: SELF HARM AND Su!C!DL THOUGHTS!! How Stranger's See Me, Vs How I Actually Am And How People Who Are Close To Me See Me. (LOOK IN BLACK BAR'S FOR MORE INFORMATION! :3)

WARNING: SELF HARM AND Su!C!DL THOUGHTS!! How Stranger's See Me, Vs How I Actually Am And How People Who Are Close To Me See Me. (LOOK IN BLACK BAR'S FOR MORE INFORMATION! :3) submitted by Tinywolf2005UwU to picrew [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 19:57 nobody102 Foamy pee - kidneys normal

58 y.o Male, 6'2", 196Lbs Have been having very foamy, somewhat smelly urine the last several months.
Urine test was normal, no protein, blood, glucose in urine.
negative culture
CT for stones was negative. Kidneys looked OK
bloodwork came back all normal:
GLUCOSE 98 Reference Range: 65-99 mg/dL
UREA NITROGEN (BUN) 19 Reference Range: 7-25 mg/dL
CREATININE 0.92 Reference Range: 0.70-1.33 mg/dL
eGFR NON-AFR. AMERICAN 91 Reference Range: > OR = 60 mL/min/1.73m2
SODIUM 142 Reference Range: 135-146 mmol/L
POTASSIUM 3.8 Reference Range: 3.5-5.3 mmol/L
CHLORIDE 105 Reference Range: 98-110 mmol/L
CARBON DIOXIDE 20 Reference Range: 20-32 mmol/L
CALCIUM 9.8 Reference Range: 8.6-10.3 mg/dL
PROTEIN, TOTAL 6.6 Reference Range: 6.1-8.1 g/dL
ALBUMIN 4.2 Reference Range: 3.6-5.1 g/dL
GLOBULIN 2.4 Reference Range: 1.9-3.7 g/dL (calc)
ALBUMIN/GLOBULIN RATIO 1.8 Reference Range: 1.0-2.5 (calc)
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 0.7 Reference Range: 0.2-1.2 mg/dL
ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE 81 Reference Range: 35-144 u/L
AST 17 Reference Range: 10-35 u/L
ALT 25 Reference Range: 9-46 u/L
I have been consuming much more protein on low-card diet (lost 10 lbs!) Urologist said it
could be from that. Does that sound plausible?

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2022.01.21 19:57 Unique-Guide-1948 Doctor suggestion

Hi everybody,
I need to see a doctor but I do not know which expert I should go. I have Hypodense nodular lesions in my kidney and pancreas. I need a doctor to check them. Which expery/specialty I should go with? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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2022.01.21 19:57 jiggyzz Will eating home junk food counter act my workouts

Ok so I understand that eating McDonald’s, pizza hut, anything thats fast food or outdoor food is a big NO for when your trying to gain muscle and workout. But right now i have no healthy quality nutritious food prepped to make and I only have Kraft Dinner and Pizza pops to make at home. I do usually eat home cooked meals but right now at the moment i have nothing but stuff like that cuz i didnt buy groceries yet. So im just wondering if eating that right now will just counter act the workout i did this morning. I also ate noodles earlier too and i know those are unhealthy but like i said i didnt buy groceries yet. So will eating home junk food for the day ruin my gains i could make for the workout i did this morning.
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2022.01.21 19:57 djmagichat Hello, looking for a commission, we are moving to our first house (it’s an old Sears Home) and the name of the model is “The Starlight” we were hoping to pay someone to make a circle embroidered display to hang on the wall of a poem my mom sent us when we were in negotiations.

Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.
Would love some fun “stars” to embody the area around the poem.
If this isn’t allowed mods please take this down, I’m handy but never got into embroidery and I’d love some suggestions from folks who may be interested in taking this on.
Will pay, just not sure what the going rate is. Also I’m a leatherworker in my free time so I know all about choosing beggars, that’s not me. I’ll pay for good quality work. Thanks.
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2022.01.21 19:57 Drexlore Eastern Michigan K Chad Ryland has entered the transfer portal

Was 56-for-74 on field goals and 141-for-145 on extra points in four years with the Eagles.
Made with the /CFB Recruiting Post Generator
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2022.01.21 19:57 Lammy- The Awesome Vegans in Leeds Making Great Graffiti

Specifically around Headingley!
Always admire your work & love seeing the pro vegan messages while walking around <3
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2022.01.21 19:57 LengthOk2427 Which ship sunk most ships in ww2 ?

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2022.01.21 19:57 iwantsomePPPlatinum I just can’t

I know the game is meant to be challenging but I mean come on it’s getting impossible to even get a solo win. For the last few hours I have been grinding out solos getting max mats just to blow all the 3k mats on the last person and still lose. I need help I have lost so many wins it ridiculous. And when it comes to a 1v1 I am literally shaking so bad I can’t play. Tell me whether this is normal. I am on EU btw
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2022.01.21 19:57 Genman70 ISO Quail eggs

I’m looking to buy some quail eggs but can’t seem to find any. I have tried Dave’s Fruit and Vegetables on Main Street(they had carried them in previous months)and both Pete’s locations but no luck. I have tried contacting Golden Quail Eco Farm but haven’t received any word back. Does anyone know where I can find some? I was going to try the farmer’s markets tomorrow. If someone can give me a lead on where to find them, I will be grateful! Thanks!
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2022.01.21 19:57 celloganggg Simply Sacrilegious

Simply Sacrilegious
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2022.01.21 19:57 AnnualWestern1234 What was you doing before you became a product owner/manager?

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2022.01.21 19:57 paremeno Tá sem graça mas eu tentei

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2022.01.21 19:57 Forward_Hvac What 250amps through a contactor does, nice welding job to the tech

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2022.01.21 19:57 Savings_Accountant14 My problem with wikishia

An article about bibi mary as, they quote ibn kathir, who was nasibi and say the prophet does sins and we reject him, and they use him as information to tell us stuff about her (a.s) This isn’t a 1 time occurrence , they use many sunni hadith as their sources for information.
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2022.01.21 19:57 adv0catus Use Personal Line of Credit to pay off credit card debt?


I have a stable job, decent income. I owe roughly $3.5k on a credit card and my bank TD offers PLOCs starting at $5k. Should I apply and if accepted use that to pay down my credit card and then pay off the PLOC?

I can pay off the $3.5k within the next two months so that's not really a concern. The appeal is lower interest rate and I wouldn't need to reapply to use the $5k again. But I'm trading a smaller easily payable deby for a larger slightly less easily payable debt. Not sure if it's worth it.
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2022.01.21 19:57 isteweinig Got them within 15 87+ packs 🤩

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