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Down 80K. Im not worried, the DD is done. TYDE and AdRizer is imminent, just a matter of when.

2022.01.21 19:41 UnbanMe69 Down 80K. Im not worried, the DD is done. TYDE and AdRizer is imminent, just a matter of when.

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2022.01.21 19:41 cornidicanzo Planted a bunch of 7 pot primo seeds on Monday, they germinated today. Is this even possible?

Either Ive inadvertently found literally the perfect seed sprouting conditions, or there has just been a mix up with the seeds...
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2022.01.21 19:41 th7688 Spotted in the Trailer. Moon Knight to Super Smash?

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2022.01.21 19:41 bucket--bot 43 44 people on the amount of them turned away,

of yourself but only a physical affection
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2022.01.21 19:41 CercoTVps5 Is it possible to cancel Ramlethal's rekka in throw sword and other specials?

I saw players canceling rekka into different things but I don't understand how or when it is possible to do it because I can't reply that in training.
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2022.01.21 19:41 Homeofthelizardmen The Fjord

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2022.01.21 19:41 Human-Bit9854 What breed does my puppy look like ??

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2022.01.21 19:41 Dig_Hour Post new content

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2022.01.21 19:41 batistinha28 Nos ajudem mulheres!

Postando uma dúvida que um colega teve aqui no sub e autorizou a postagem.
Como vocês enxergam o beijo grego / fio terra / pegging? Neutro, sente tesão, repulsa? No seu círculo de amizades isso já foi assunto?
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2022.01.21 19:41 HarvardAce Non-persistent games for small groups (3-6 people)

As our gaming group (many of us met in EVE Online) has gotten older, our ability to coordinate gametime together has gotten harder. We have tried a bunch of "persistent" games such as Project Zomboid, 7 Days to Die, Myth of Empires, ARK, Conan Exiles, and Path of Exile. The issue with these games is that keeping everyone around the same "level" is very challenging as some people have more time/interest than others, and what usually ends up happening is that we end up with parallel play instead of actual cooperative play. We haven't tried a true MMO in a while for the same reason, even though that was our original common link.
The game that has endured the best for us over the last couple years is SMITE, as it's a game where anyone who is available on a particular night can jump in and have fun, even if they only have about 30 minutes for a single match. That said, it's been our go-to game for several years now, and we're looking for something else to play. We don't mind structured PVP, either as the main mode like SMITE or as a part of the game, but we're also not interested in anything hyper-competitive since our collective skill level is much more tilted toward the casual side of things.
We've had some success with Warframe in the past, as even though there is persistence a relatively higher-level player can still work on a new frame or weapon with a newer player, but since that is known to us we're looking for other suggestions. One idea of mine is Sea of Thieves, although my concern is that the "setup" time to get into a play session and accomplish something would be prohibitive for those with shorter timespans. I think we have MOBAs covered with SMITE, and FPS games like COD or Apex are probably a bit too skewed toward the "competitive" side for us.
Would love for some other suggestions. We aren't afraid to kick the tires on older games either.
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2022.01.21 19:41 TJFAH [A3][Recruiting] [EU/NA] ||| US Army's 10th Mountain Division ||| [NEW & EXPERIENCED PLAYERS WELCOME] [Milsim] [18+]

Join the 10th Mountain Division, where realism meets fun!

Recruitment video
Gameplay Video
Showcase Video
Who are we?
The 10th Mountain Division Realism Unit is an Arma 3 community based in Europe.
We play as the US Army's 10th Mountain Division, 32nd Infantry Regiment.
We are about fun first and foremost, we pride ourselves on creating a MILSIM environment most can enjoy.
We've been around since 2017, with an annual average of 40 or so members, with a yearly goal of expanding into new areas (AiArmor etc etc)
Beyond Arma, we are a community that plays other games or simply hangs out together, come for Arma.. stay for the friendhip.
Our TeamSpeak is always running, and you can easily find a member to partner up with in Squad/RS2/Insurgency/DCS through our Discord.
Whilst members may come and go, we are proud to continue to host many of our ''retired'' members in our community who continue to hang out with us or play games.
After all, why should our friendships end when someone leaves the unit?
PvE - Solid Action- tactical realism based missions, normally a part of a 6 month deployment to a region. Our core is our infantry, with attached supports being used depending on the mission and campaign.Sometimes we spice it up by throwing ''one-off'' missions into the mix, to give everyone something different.
We prefer to mix Fun and Realism, which has proven effective for our members. Some missions will focus on heavy fighting, some may see less action, but we guarantee action nonetheless. Some have described it as PTSD inducing, we hope that is not the case.
Interested in Joining?
Whilst this information is a lot, we recommend you to pop onto our Discord and come find out for yourself who we are!
Feel free to join our Discord and have a chat with one of our recruiters, where they can answer any questions you may have.
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2022.01.21 19:41 CosmoCone How can you hook up the Legends Gamer Mini to a 2006 Wii? Already homebrewed.

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2022.01.21 19:41 OGCrewAlgo Introducing myself

Hey everyone it's been pointed out that I should introduce myself. I'm an nft creatocollector who has chosen Algogems for this particular project. I've decided to make my nfts have some sort of contextual narrative to the Algorand ecosystem. For anybody that's 'confused' with my titles/blurb. Just trying to be a bit unique and have some fun with it. Im also a collector so I'll be on the look out for unique pieces to add to my collection. In hopes to create a kind of museum/gallery of sorts. Look forward to working with everyone.
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2022.01.21 19:41 MateusTheGreat Tips for getting first job

I’m on track to get my CDL on February 17th and I was wondering, how do I find the best job? I know truckers are super high in demand right now and I want to use that to my advantage and get a really good local job. The thing is, I have no clue where to begin looking. Do I go online, call all the local companies and ask what their work/hours is like, etc. thanks!
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2022.01.21 19:41 andrefilis Hollow Knight 3 concept I did today. Try it on Gamepass

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2022.01.21 19:41 hot_stones_of_hell The big freeze

Fantasy, earths frozen in a mini ice age. Words of warning I do have dyslexia, please bare that in mind.
With a Swift sharp kick the door flue open, the man took a slight breath. The frozen air rushed past his weathered lips. Hitting his lungs with a burning pain, He looked up with the sun in his eyes. He seen a shadowy figure, off in the distance. He says with a deep husky voice to the rest of the group, “their still following us” Who, nobody’s know. What they want, everything even their wore out tatty clothes, It’s been 5 years since, the devastating freeze. Earth now is just a frozen waste land. Where the only fresh meat left, is the last survivors walking in their home made rags for clothes….
“We better go” says Danny “to the next cabin” the group of 3 desperately hungry survivors, Danny, jack and jacks wife Hazel have eaten the last shameful Scraps of rotten food that was left in the cabin, that’s been ransacked time and time before. Hazels sister didn’t make the night, with only a few small wooden boards ripped up from the cabin floor to make a Pitiful fire, that insignificant heat just wasn’t enough to penetrate their thin layer of rags. It barely heated the rusty tin can, filled with snow. for that desperate sip of water, feels like an eternity. since a single measly drop has past their cracked lips, dry mouth and smoothed their parched throat. With broken windows and half a roof, this wasn’t the best Shelter for Amanda’s weak frail body, the weather’s so cold, her body was frozen like concrete in matter of minutes, after she sadly past away in the still of the darken night, no hint of animal life, so sound of any existence, apart from Extreme howling of the snow storm. She just couldn’t take another night of this soul destroying cold. With the ground to frozen to even bury the dead, all they could do was cover her with snow, trying to give some normality, some dignity in dying. They can’t even shed a single tear, it’s just that cold. They slowly dragged their half dead bodies though the waist deep snow, it’s a clear day. Sun’s out, but for what Purpose. it doesn’t melt the snow, Only blinds their eyes. With every painful step, comes a even more painful breath. the Extreme frozen air freezes every Alveoli in their lungs. They need to stop every 5 paces, last month they could manage 10. They know their becoming weaker, easier to prey on. That’s why they are being followed. Stalked like a gazelle, by a lion on the Serengeti plains the “others” only need to bide their time. one of the “others” hisses in his snake like voice, in a nasty tone. “I told you!, we should have attacked last night” “there’s only 3 of them now,” he hissed “with what’s on their bones, it Won’t be enough to feed 5”
The “others” are like any other group of survivors, desperate and malnourished. The only reason, they are the hunter and not the prey is because unlike the survivors the “others” have turned into cannibals. This waste land makes you lose your last thread of humanity. In their pure desperation, for just another day. to live long enough to keep searching for this elusive underground city in a Cold War bunker, “shut up!, talking about that damn bunker. Bullshit, it’s all lies!!” Screams the self appointed leader of the group, how did he become the leader, simple he’s the one with the axe. Precious resources like that, makes you a figure of authority and also he could smash your fucking Brains in. So when he screams, “shut up” you better shut up, other wise your going to become next nights dinner. As the survivors, push on 100 yard, 300 yard then 1,000 yards. the snow starts falling clinging to their frail bodies, weighing them down. making every step feel like another frozen brick has been added. Their shoes uppers had broken away from the lowers only days ago, strips of rag tying them together isn’t stopping the frost bite attacking their toes. Jack’s toes have already Turned black. He knows gangrene will soon set in. Danny shouts “one last push!, getting dark soon” he pays with every spoken word with even more freezer burnt lung tissue. In this place, every other word is more extremely painful than the last. “Home sweet, home” Danny says. He’s the only one talking now, the others just to weak to say anything more than just mumble in agreement. Jack used his last ounce of Energy to kick as many baluster from the stairs that his weak body would allow him. He’s so stiff, bending down is agony he can barely pick up three. Hazel repeatedly clenches her hand open and closed trying to get some circulation back into her blue tipped fingers. She can’t even, Muster the strength to blown hot breath over her fingers, it’s fruitless anyway at this Extreme temperature it’ll turn to frozen mist. Jack lights another sad pathetic fire, that even the caveman would laugh at, a Yankee candle would have been stronger. “How’s the search going” nothing, nada, zip and zero, not a single bite to eat in this cabin, not even a mummified rat, so Hazel, pulls out their one and only blanket, that dirty Stained Woollen blanket, they have no idea, how badly it smells, their sense of taste and smell died along time ago. They huddle close for warmth, trying to share some body heat, around the lonesome flame of the fire. This thick woollen blanket is like gold in this time and place, a more precious resource than any axe. “Well at least this place has a roof” says Danny. With the strong moon, lit sky and the small Flicker of the fire they can make out the featureless run down cabin that’s been mostly stripped for firewood years previously. They soon fall sleep, into A deep sleep, from pure exhaustion. It’s been another long hike on empty bellies. The loudest, crack, an almighty thunder. The loudest sound they heard in 5 years. The door is kicked off it’s rusty old hinges, with such force the whole Shack shakes. The survivors barely have the strength to open their eyes let alone rise a single arm in defence. The chance of standing up with some speed is next to zero. It’s been a long 5 years of slowly deteriorating. With an aggressive scream and pounding footsteps the “others” self appointed, leader. rushes forward he raises the axe above his head. With an almighty swing he smashes the axe down into Danny’s fucking forehead. It’s been weeks since Jack and Hazel, have spoke it’s just that cold. Every night in bed, they would say “I love you” but that was a long time ago, Before the big freeze. But tonight, they released A massive bloodcurdling scream!!!.. enough to dislodge snow on the shacks roof. Even the leader, stopped for a second. Trying to retrieve the axe from Danny’s face, Danny was eerily silent and motionless. Strangely, blocked out all the screaming, yelling and the footsteps. All Danny can hear. Is the almighty raar of the wind of the snowstorm. It’s getting louder and louder, banging and banging, howling through every crack and gap, every missing roof tile and very broken window………. “Bloody hell, nurse. Shut that window!!” “With this snowstorm, He must be frozen. how is the patient tonight” “no, response doctor” .. Active mind, frozen body…
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2022.01.21 19:41 Godcreateduniverse Migraine experts, I have questions for you!

  1. Does your blood pressure go high when you get a migraine?
  2. Do flashing lights like at clubs or children’s 4D movement rides give you migraines—the ones with lights on and off with different colours?
  3. Did a lavender epson salt bath ever you give you a migraine?
  4. Does relaxing in a tub of water make you feel disoriented—something to do with balance—and as a result cause a migraine?
Thank you! 💕
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2022.01.21 19:41 IndependentBoot469 Babe, do you think this outfit fits Mommy?

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2022.01.21 19:41 QuirkyLetter3215 Cooking lobster

So lately, for some reason, I’ve come across discussions, had discussions, or seen on TV the “right” way to cook a lobster and that apparently means stabbing it in the neck before boiling it.
Am I the only one that still just throws it in a pot of boiling water and calls it good? Was my dad doing it wrong all those years?
I’m second guessing my lobster killing etiquette.
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2022.01.21 19:41 Pw_rep Got a proof in my change today

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2022.01.21 19:41 Bonus1Fact The real criminal in this case is the state. @HannahDCox explains why:

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2022.01.21 19:41 jobsinanywhere Watch Josh Sargent score amazing running scorpion kick as Norwich take vital lead at Watford in relegation six-pointer

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2022.01.21 19:41 joshyswifey Me, every second of the day

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2022.01.21 19:41 michaeltaylorr Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some feedback, suggestions, and tips. This is my first time trying to design something like this, and I plan to 3D print (3rd party), and set the stone myself

Hello everyone! I was hoping to get some feedback, suggestions, and tips. This is my first time trying to design something like this, and I plan to 3D print (3rd party), and set the stone myself submitted by michaeltaylorr to jewelrymaking [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 19:41 controlzed Trying choose between MSI Gaming X 3090, MSI Ventus 3x 3090 or EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3090

So I can get any of these three cards.
MSI Gaming X 3090 is $2749 MSI Ventus 3x 3090 is $2349 EVGA FTW3 Ultra 3090 is $2699
Which is the best option here?
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