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Please help me, help this Rubber Fig. Cut roots and repot?

2022.01.21 20:16 beardsnbourbon Please help me, help this Rubber Fig. Cut roots and repot?

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2022.01.21 20:16 dirtyharrison Why 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' will only work with brands that prove they are creating change for men who want to called women

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2022.01.21 20:16 LovePeacelanguage Ghosting

Have any of you ghosted a family or been ghosted? Just interested in hearing your story’s on this topic
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2022.01.21 20:16 Global_Rub6551 Found at a Meijer in Michigan!

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2022.01.21 20:16 parmesanbutt Masks don’t work

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2022.01.21 20:16 rsquared_86 Eye Candy

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2022.01.21 20:16 whatthehelloxkitty Are we getting there? I have no idea what I’m doing. 😭

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2022.01.21 20:16 Tenman69 Drawing casts parts breaks my back... Commission for T0X1C FIRE (twit: @pokexe_art)

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2022.01.21 20:16 Nintendevotion What's your favorite flavor of Gatorade?

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2022.01.21 20:16 dirtyharrison Thou shalt not question the science.

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2022.01.21 20:16 PlasterAndPlates There is ONE church. Not many.

Jesus established THE church.
Humans divided among themselves over centuries through all manner of pedantics and different understandings.
But I'd just like to take a moment to remind everybody that despite our divisions and differences in theology we are still all a part of the ONE church Jesus created.
Catholic, protestant, orthodox, and others - we are all a part of ONE church.
No matter if we call him Jesus, Yeshua, Joshua, Iseous, or any other translation of his name - he is our Church and we are his body.
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2022.01.21 20:16 domroleplay [M4F] Variety of prompts to choose from

A few things first - I am 18+, and any characters or partners will also be 18+.There are a lot of prompts and options here, so if the one you're reading doesn't catch your fancy, just move to the next.
Some specific prompt ideas: Prompt 1: Post-apocalyptic. Our family barely survived the great cataclysm. The world was turned into a hellscape full of inhuman monsters and resources were scarce. Our family consists of you (my little sister), me, and our mother and father. Our father has been doing his best, but he's a hopeless idiot. He constantly makes mistakes, gets us into horrible situations that I then have to work us out of. In the last encounter, mother died. Now it's just you, me, and him. But I've had enough. Throughout the day, you see me secretly packing. Panicking, you keep your eye on me. You know without me, both you and father are as good as dead. In the last encounter where mother died, I saved you from a monster. But while I was protecting you, another got her. Father hid.
Morning comes, and you hear me making to leave. You plead with me to stay. I say no. You plead with me to take you with me. I consider it, but again say no and start to walk away. Getting desperate now, you tell me you'll do anything I say if I let you come with me. This causes me to pause. I turn back and look at you, and you blush as you see my eyes move down your body; your big boobs, your wide hips and perfect butt. I stare at you for long enough that you get hopeful. I manage to tear my eyes away and say no again. But you know you almost have me. You run up to me and press your gorgeous body against mine and grind against me, telling me that you'll really do anything. Whenever I want and as much as I want. And then I cave. I tell you that if you suck my cock right now and promise to take care of all my needs, I will take care of you.
We can continue past there, and detail our adventures and all the sex we have. The incest component is preferred, but not required.

Prompt 2: medieval/fantasy: I'm a hero. The one destined to slay the demon lord. I'm strong. So strong and so well-liked that the King began to fear that I would try to take his throne. So he cast me out and banned me from his city. The people in my party before were banned from joining me or killed for resisting. I'm a bit disillusioned, understandably. I don't know what I'm fighting for anymore. I happen upon a random village being attacked and step in. I'm not completely heartless, after all. There, I save you. You could be some fantasy race, like an elf, a cat girl, or maybe some kind of incognito monster disguised as a human like a slime/doppelganger or something idk. You could also just be human if you dislike that angle.
I save you, but if you opt for the fantasy race aspect, your village blames you for the attack and casts you out as well. You beg to join me, since you'll probably die on your own. If you don't go this route, maybe you just become obsessed with the handsome, powerful hero that saved you and beg to join me regardless. Still hurting from the King's betrayal, I turn you away. But you really want to join me, so you beg more. I end up saying something like, I can't trust anyone. That everyone will just betray me in the end (I don't know that my party fought to go with me in exile). So you offer to form a MasteSlave pact between us. Then you really wouldn't be able to betray me and you'll have to do everything I say. No matter what it is.

Prompt 3: medieval/fantasy: I am a demon lord. I took control of this land by force ten years ago - every hero sent my way was eviscerated with ease. I single-handedly routed the armies of every city in the kingdom. During the war, any time I was on the battlefield, both the soldiers and the generals knew it would be a lost cause, surrendering to me immediately. The mere mention of my name strikes fear into the average commoner. I am immortal, undefeated, and unassailable.
As part of the conditions for accepting the King's surrender, every five years, I visit the major cities of the kingdom, and all women between the ages of 18 and 22 are presented to me. I take one or two for my harem, and bring them to my castle where they live a life of luxury in return for their servitude. You, however, are very unlike everyone else. Instead of fearing me, you are actually infatuated with me. You saw me the first time I came to collect some women, and now, five years later, it's your chance. Growing up, you were always told how beautiful you are, but despite the advances of many men, you were only interested in making sure that you somehow became mine, even if it meant being part of a harem.
However, despite your confidence, when you're before me and I'm examining you, you feel as though I can see right through you; I can see everything about you, and you feel like a vulnerable little kitten. You are suddenly unsure if you fully understood what you got yourself into, but your wish was granted - I picked you. You're now part of the demon lord's harem. The harem aspect doesn't have to be super pronounced if it bothers you; it could simply be something that is acknowledged. Or if you really dislike the harem aspect but like this prompt, you could be the princess of the most prominent kingdom I defeated. If you're open to it or want to, I would love for you to play multiple characters, or it could just be yours. Whatever we decide, either way is fine.

Prompt 4: slice of life/school RP. My character, and my character's friends bully you. A lot. You're a loser, and no one wants to be your friend because they're worried my friends and I will bully them too if they hang out with you. One day, I corner you. You think you're in for another round of cutting insults, or maybe a beating if you're unlucky. Instead, I drag you to the bathroom and force you to suck my dick and swallow my cum. While you're really reluctant at first, you quickly realize this is way better than your normal beatings. It's actually kind of fun - it tastes good, and seeing me moan and enjoy myself as you suck me off turns you on. And you're surprisingly good at it, too. You have no gag reflex, so you can deep throat my entire cock, and I actually start giving you compliments when you do it. You've never experienced that before. Then there's my cum...it tastes even better. You even swallow it without being told to.
But that's when I tell you that this is your new place. Getting me off every day. And if you can't, you have to bring me someone who will (this is a firm plot point that needs to occur, and you would play the female characters you bring me as well). Maybe some day you get sick and can't come to school...so you set your bitch sister up to get raped by me. Or maybe once you start sucking me off regularly, I stop my friends from bullying you as much so you can actually have friends...and to keep our 'relationship' going, you lure them to me and even help me rape them. Maybe you want to get revenge on some of the bitches who bullied you by setting them up for me to enjoy. Maybe you even start to actively look for victims elsewhere, wanting to do anything to keep your new status, even if you're just a cum dumpster for your former bully. It's so much better than how things used to be, after all...and setting up the other girls gives you a sense of power. Makes you feel like maybe you're the bully now. This requires a bit of porn logic, obviously...
Anime/Video game fandoms: The following is a list of anime and video games I'd be willing to create a scenario for with you, followed by characters I would be interested in you playing. Again, to reiterate, any characters will be aged up to 18+. I love tons of anime, so if there is one you'd be interested in that isn't listed here, feel free to ask.

  1. Overlord - Albedo (S++++++ tier), Narberal Gamma
  2. BNHA - Momo, Uraraka, Tsuyu
  3. Demon Slayer - Shinobu, Kanao, Nezuko, willing to discuss OCs
  4. SAO - Asuna, Suguha Kirigaya
  5. Misfit of Demon King Academy - Misha

  1. Genshin Impact - I like most characters in Genshin at least a little, but I'll list my favorites. Ganyu, Noelle, Eula, Rosaria, Mona. If there's someone else you're curious about, feel free to ask. There are only a handful I'd dislike.
  2. FF7 - Tifa
  3. Persona 5 - Hifumi Togo, Makoto Niijima, Sadayo Kawakami
  4. Dragon Quest - Medea (DQ8), Jade (DQ11)
  5. Code Vein - Io, Karen, willing to discuss OCs
Generic roles: The following are some generic/common roles I'd be interested in doing. We can come up with a scenario and the specifics together.
  1. Brothesister | Daddy/daughter
  2. Teachestudent
  3. MasteMaid
  4. Boss/secretary

My kinks: Light bdsm, ddlg, incest, spanking, hair-pulling, choking, being begged for things, control, light exhibitionism, power imbalance, corruption, mind manipulation, being worshipped, light humiliation and degradation, maids, fantasy races (elves, cat girls, slimes), excessive cum, blow jobs, cum swallowing, ass jobs, twerking, etc.
Limits: Gang bang, toilet play, gore, any kind of sub role, beastiality, pregnancy, birth. Feet stuff isn't a hard limit, but it does literally nothing for me.
Ideally in any of these scenarios, your character would be more on the innocent side, and willing. I'm really into the corruption aspect. I like a bit of romance/affection with the smut, so if that's not your thing, sorry. Also, I'm pretty friendly OOC, so if I've done something you dislike, or if you'd like me to perhaps do something a certain way, feel free to ask and if I like it or at least don't dislike it, it won't be an issue. I'll do the same, if it doesn't make you uncomfortable. Communication and honesty are important to me.
As for response length, I do usually prefer a little more detail, and will do my best to provide the same for you. If you can't at least do a paragraph, I'll probably lose interest. My response length depends entirely on yours, but I can't carry an RP indefinitely. When you message me, please include a list of your kinks and limits, which prompt you're interested in, and I'll probably ask for a writing sample.
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2022.01.21 20:16 THB_Law Airpods Found

Found Airpods on Fall Creek Drive. Message me with identifying information to retrieve them.
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2022.01.21 20:16 Robinjo1985 Tinashe's Sexy, Chain-Link Outfit | POPSUGAR Fashion

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2022.01.21 20:16 MementxoMori Just listened to In Rainbows for the first time… WOW!!

I recently purchased the In Rainbows box set, as this was how I wanted to experience the album for the first time. I have heard amazing things about the album from this subreddit and just the internet in general, so I was anticipating this moment quite a bit. Finally got around to listening to it today, and I am completely dumbfounded. I’ve listened to AMSP and people have told me that since I enjoyed that, I would love IR as well. But I did not expect it to sound THIS amazing. I don’t really have anything specific to say about each track because i’m not the most articulate when it comes to that haha, I just got lost in the music and didn’t really think about what specifically made me feel this way. If I had to describe how i’m feeling right now, immediately after hearing it, in one word, it would be euphoric. I feel so happy right now that I experienced this masterpiece. As soon as Jigsaw came on, I was shaking my head in disbelief that this album was still delivering. My favourite album for the past 5-6 years has been Trilogy by The Weeknd, and I didn’t ever expect an album to make me question whether that was still my favourite. In Rainbows is the only album to make me consider whether I have a new favourite. I can’t believe this is real. Also, this album sounds so different from what I would expect Radiohead to be making. I’ve heard a few albums from them and they all sound so different from the other, and this is no exception. It’s amazing how they experiment so much with their sound and still produce these perfect projects. I’m so happy right now!
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2022.01.21 20:16 BloodiStag BUY THE DIP BUTTLICKER!!!

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2022.01.21 20:16 mat4228701 4AWG or 6AWG for a 60A connection

An electrician wants to install this 6AWG cable for a 30ft run on a 60A breaker that will have a continuous load. However, I read in multiple places that I would need at least 4AWG to get 60A, is this correct?
Moreover, would this cable allow me to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet later on if I change the breaker to 50A?
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2022.01.21 20:16 Vloodblue Nft

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2022.01.21 20:16 AusCOVID19 NT parents, education union and schools prepare for 2022 school year amid COVID

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2022.01.21 20:16 Warm_Okra8847 Ps4: need a inside big that can play defense and grab rebounds

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2022.01.21 20:16 T0asty_Toons the ninjago formula at work

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2022.01.21 20:16 PrestoVivace The United Methodist Church: When respect is greater than conflict with David Field

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2022.01.21 20:16 sleepyxdude Counter Logic Gaming vs. Dignitas / LCS 2022 Lock In - Group Stage / Post-Match Discussion

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2022.01.21 20:16 Icy-Championship9260 Ethos

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2022.01.21 20:16 ygmsg Online Ticket Verification Link for SF9's LIVE FANTASY #3 IMPERFECT Concert

For anyone that purchased online tickets for the concert but don't know how to access the livestream I add the link to this post.
Not sure if someone already made a similar post but thought I might share the link :)
(Sorry for my bad english)
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